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Long Island Welding School
About Us

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Long Island Welding School was created with the welder in mind. We have seen the need for a quality school to offer education in the welding field to teach all whom wish to learn. We are pleased to offer our classes in an actual welding facility, Long Island Welding; that has been in business since 1976! With all of the success of our welding business, we decided to open our school. Between our owner, teacher & inspector we offer over 100 years of welding knowledge. You are in good hands at, Long Island Welding School!

Long Island Welding School is an American Welding Society (AWS) Accredited School & Testing Facility (ATF), under the supervision of Robert F. Waite. Our teacher is a certified educator thru the AWS. Our faculty & facility are certified to offer testing and create tests for any welding process needed by the student. Our school is certified to offer the NYC DOB test for NYS DOT as well. If the student succeeds at passing the AWS Certified Test, they will receive a AWS Welding Card that is recognized all of the world.

What sets our school apart from others is that, our classes are personal. Only 6-7 students at a time attend each class. Your course is tailored around what you need to learn. Whether you want to build bridges or a BBQ, we are the school for you!

You will be working 1 on 1 with our AWS Certified Welding Instructor in an actual welding facility. You will NOT be enduring hours of classroom theory. Each course is completely hands on with state of the art welding equipment. If you decide to test with us, your test will be done at our facility on the same equipment you used during your courses. You will NOT be sent anywhere else for testing. We have 2 Certified Welding Inspectors (CWI) on staff to administer your test and grade your test plates once testing is complete.

Our Faculty
Robert F. Waite
-over 50 years of welding experience as an Professional Engineer & AWS Inspector-
-Professional Engineer-
-AWS Certified Welding Inspector (CWI)-

Lead Instructor
Douglas DeMarco
-over 35 years of welding experience as an AWS Certified Educator & AWS Inspector-
-AWS Certified Welding Inspector (CWI)-
-AWS Certified Welding Educator-

CEO/Owner of Facility
Richard Gulli
-over 45 years of welding experience, operating a successful welding business; Long Island Welding, since 1976.

Lauren Morgante
Associated AWS Accredited Test Facility 
under the supervision of #12403
Robert F. Waite, P.E., P.C.
P.E. - Professional Engineer
P.C. - Professional Corporation

Our School Location
-We are located in the heart of the Westbury Industrial District-
Please visit our one & only location at ..
59 Urban Avenue
Westbury, NY 11590